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Nikkia captures the essense and natural beauty of a person. Her style allows a person to be within their element an displays their emotions without the need for words. She was hired as my class photographer and created lasting memories for each parent to treasure as their children grow-up. Amika Kali

I truly enjoyed my sessions with Nikkia ! Not only was it easy to schedule an appointment with her, but the pricing was very reasonable too (especially for all that you get)! She has a God gifted eye for catching the essence of what you portray into the camera. She guided my son and I through the process, picked a beautiful location for the shoot, and made it enjoyable while doing it. I'd recommend Nikkia Redd Photography to anyone that needs their precious moments captured! Zae Belcher

Nikkia took my graduation photos for me on the day of my graduation. She was very flexible when it came to scheduling a time and place for the pictures to be taken. During the shoot, she had a lot of great ideas and encouraged me to be more "free" and not so uptight. I had a vision for my senior pictures and she brought them to life! My whole family was impressed with her work. I knew I wanted her to be my photographer because of the work I had already seen of hers. She has a true gift and I'm happy she shared it with me! - Amber Williams

Nikkia Redd is a perfectionist when it comes to her photographs. I have not met anyone that can take better pictures than her. She shot pictures of our children and they were perfect. I would recommend her before anyone else. Raysa T

Nikkia is a very patient, person. She has a way of making sure her clients understand that they are the focus. I have had the priviledge of doing several shoots with her. She finds the comfort level of her clients and goes from there. Every moment that is captured looks like a work of art. I am so pleased with her work and professionalism that I am buying a session to gift to a friend. Amika Kali

Nikkia is GREAT!!! I'll be honest I never liked taking pictures but she made the experience very relaxing and fun to the point where I forgot I was being photographed. Kenneth M.

Nikkia Redd not only takes great pictures, but she creates an atmosphere that promotes anyone to become photogenic. She has the quality to bring authentic smiles out of everyone involved, and her work ethic to make sure everyone feels comfortable in the process makes everything flow easily. A rare mix of professional that still cares for their clients like no other. Highly recommended. James C.

Nikkia is AMAZING!!!! She makes you feel comfortable while having a little fun. She's a master at her craft. Very professional and your photographs will be an art of perfection. Definitely recommended to others. Jenai T.

Nikkia is an extremely talented photographer. She has personally photographed my family for the past 5 years, and every sessions yields amazing results! Nikkia is an artist who takes the time to know her clients so that their photographs truly captures the essence of they are. I would highly recommend to anyone seeking professional, high quality images! Ebony S.

I can personally say that in all of Nikkia Redd photographs you will find perfection. It's not that she stages the right picture But it's because she captures your most intriguing moments and creates your story through her photos. She is a Spectacular Artist and I would recommend her to anyone to capture their moments. Porsche J.

Nikkia Redd is a very patient and professional photographer. One of the best photography experiences that we have ever had. She did a photo shoot for my daughter for a 15th birthday. The photo shoot was my daughter and her 4 her best friends. Nikkia was awesome getting the girls to relax and they took very beautiful pictures. I will always go to Nikkia Redd photography for my photography needs. Michelle G.

She is an amazing photographer that works with your own comfort levels. She makes direction easy to follow and produces beautiful pictures. Professional but fun atmosphere. Would definitely use again, highly recommended. Melody H.

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