The Joy's and Woe's
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Wednesday, December 17, 2014
By Nikkia Redd
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So, I've finally opened a photography studio! I'm out on my own, working for myself and I'm so excited!!! The only problem is that I'm scared to death of failing by not attracting the clients that I need. I brought a bunch of marketing, creative live, Sara Petty and Sue B. Zimmerman stuff. I've joined business networking groups and started networking with other photographers in the area, in which none of this gives me dollars. 

I've started blog posting and trying to draw in my audience. Honestly, starting a business is a lot more work than just working for someone. I have so many goals and dreams; so many things that I want to make happen. 

Where do I start?

Now that I've achieved getting my studio, the next step is:

  • Schedule at least three paid sessions a week. 
  • Becoming an amazing teacher like so many of my professional photography friends.
  • Establish a style and brand. 

Wish me luck on my journey!


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